Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beauty Hack: Fake Bangs

I forgot to post this waaay back. I bought these clip-on bangs online (but it is also sold in malls now). It's really great for people who don't have bangs but wanted to have one without sacrificing their hair!

Think: Instant bangs.

Here's a pic of Kim Kardashian with these on


How it works:


Actual Product:


Back (those clips will keep the bangs in place)

Wearing brown clip-on bangs:

Really looks like my real hair!

Very natural looking! :D

Wearing black clip-on bangs:


These are great! They hold on to the hair very well. Again, I find this very convenient for those who don't have bangs or those with uncooperative bangs. 

However, for the Philippines' climate these things might make one feel uncomfortable because these things make me sweaty. Idk. Maybe it's just me.

Also, these things might look fake on people with damaged hair because it is shiny. 
But with the right choice of accessories and matching hair color these are really great.

Impulsive girls, put down those scissors. Why not give them a try?

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