Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sensitive Eyes

I remembered way back, the first solution I used for my eyes was SeptoCare.
I reallized I was allergic to thimerasol (a preservative) and had a very sensitive pair of eyes.

I consulted my ophthalmologist in UP Infirmary and showed her this:


Nothing wrong right?
Okay, here's a disturbing closeup:


Look at that disturbing red ring!

She said I was allergic to contacts and shouldn't take contacts that are not sold in optical shops (GEO and EOS). But stubborn me wanted to keep on using her contacts. So I told my orgmates about my little problem and they told me to try using Opti-Free Replenish because it's good for sensitive eyes.


 At first I was hesistant. Mainly because I am a cheapskate. Come on, are you gonna shell out P300+ for some solution? But after a few months of using this product I conclude that you really do get what you paid for (even though its really pricey).

And no, I'm not getting paid by Alcon just to say these things.
You only have one pair, don't mess them up!

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