Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Foodtrip Finds: Pickup Sticks opens at Pioneer Centre!

When it comes to Filipino food, one of the things that comes to mind is how Filipinos are capable of making almost everything taste great! We're very practical and resourceful. You name it, almost every part we can manage to create a great dish out of it.

One of my favorite grilled street food is chicken and pork isaw (intestines). To others, the idea of eating street food isn't as enticing since you don't even know where it came from or if it's safe to begin with. I even remembered sneaking out with my cousin at night just to eat some of those since she's not allowed to eat street foods by her parents.

I can't blame her though, who couldn't resist those chewy flamed grilled cholesterol induced goodness? Right?

Say no more. If you want to experience tasting all the street foods that you desire without worrying about the quality, look no further. the newly opened Pickup Sticks has pork / chicken isaw, pork tenga, gizzard, pork barbeque, liempo, chicharon bulaklak and even crispy bagnet on a stick. If you're into heavy meals, they also have rice meals!

What's the Pickup Sticks you might ask? The Pickup Sticks is the unique food cart franchise brand focusing on grilled and fried Filipino food on-stick!

From what I've learned, their all time best seller is definitely chicken isaw. But if you'd ask me which one's my favorite in their menu, I still can't decide between their chicharon bulaklak and crispy bagnet. Both are just sinfully good and best dipped with their tangy vinegar dip! I love how the they're both crunchy and melts in your mouth. Mmmmm... I think I'm craving for them now!

Here's some of the foods on their menu that are also worth trying:

Also hungry for a challenge? During the opening, one of their ongoing promos at the time was the Pickup Sticks Game where customers for the day who availed rice meals and registered at the cashier gets to play the classic pickup sticks game. 

The customer can get a chance to win a free meal when he /she could get the black stick within 60 seconds.

Pickup Sticks is also planning to expand to other locations as they are open for franchising. 

Craving? Pickup Sticks is located at the ground level entrance of Pioneer Centre, Kapitolyo and will soon to be available in a branch near you. For more information on their delicious meals and franchising packages you may visit their Facebook page at


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