Saturday, May 30, 2015

One Hell of a Week!

It's been a while and I could finally say that I'm baaaaaaaack! I have never been gone for this long!
I know I've been gone for more than a month and I sincerely apologize for being inactive.

A corny visual representation of my hell week. Photo taken at Art In Island.

As I have mentioned frequently in this blog that I have been really busy with my undergraduate thesis starting with the conceptualization, research and up to the final creative output. I don't know if blogging about this would jinx my graduation or change anything as of now. But I'm proud to say I really worked hard for it and I think truly deserve this! 

One of my many inspirations and quick screenshots of some parts of the campaign.

Honestly, I was really stressed out and it did take a toll on me and my health (as I have been terribly sick for a few weeks). And I am truly happy that everyone has been very very supportive of me and my thesis topic.

For that I am grateful and would love to invite everyone (especially the art lovers out there) to check it out in person! Do visit us at Glorietta 5 Activity Center starting May 30 until June 6!

For more information on Catalyst. Check it out on Facebook at

Also, to make it up for you guys...
I promise to update you all with a bunch of food, beauty and lifestyle blog posts!

Here's a preview of what I will be posting soon:
  • I'll be sharing one of my great Filipino restaurant discoveries namely, Cucina Ni Bunso.
  • My Mother's Day Zumba Experience with Bioessence along with other interesting brands.
  • A very detailed contact lens review of Klenspop's Canis Gray and Brown.
  • And many many more to come!

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  1. Wow Kamila! Those are wonderful artworks that you made =)

  2. Ang galing mu magdrawing!



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