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Blogapalooza 2013

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Last November 16, I got to attend this year's most awaited biggest (B2B) Business to Blogger networking event, Blogapalooza 2013. This event was held at the newly opened SM Aura and was made possible by WhenInManila and Our Awesome Planet. By B2B, it’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share.

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Blogapalooza 2013 was very memorable for me. Being the introvert that I am, I got to step out of my comfort zone and expand my network. It was really fun to get to interact with business owners and different bloggers. I got to befriend bloggers such as Marilou from ( and Mizi from ( both of them are also Bellas. It was exciting because I got to bond with like-minded girls! Fun!

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Another blogger I got to meet there was Rattus from (
Love her blog. She reviews cosmetics that are affordable yet quality.

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RX 93.1 DJ and FHM hottie Karen Bordador was also there to give a talk about vlogging and how to constantly reinvent yourself to help your blog stand out. I love Karen Bordador, I listen to her way way back when she was a "RoRo Girl" and "Teacher K". She also hosts some BDJ events so I'm really impressed how she manages to juggle everything.

Big and small businesses get to present their products, services or whatever they want to promote to a roomful of influential bloggers! These bloggers will get to try those and share their experiences or reviews through social media sites.

For those who are curious, here's the big and small businesses who got to present for this year's Blogapalooza 2013:

Eagle's Wings Enterprises
 photo 119_0128_zpsa5f60656.jpg
It's 15 days before Christmas! Now, don't you hate it when your friends tend to "recycle" gifts? Do you feel special when you received a gift that was customized especially for you? Eagle's Wings Enterprises offers customized and personalized items that are great giveaways for any possible occasion or events. Check them out at:

Ambient Digital Philippines
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Ambient Digital Philippines is the largest Filipino digital ad network. They provide a way for advertisers to coordinate online advertising campaigns across hundreds of sites in a budget-friendly manner. With 500+ local websites, 80M local impressions, 11M+ unique local users and growing,
Ambient is guaranteed to increase your brand awareness and profit.
If you're interested, do check them out at

The Mind Museum
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The Mind Museum is a project of the non-profit Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.
 It is dedicated to providing an extraordinary educational experience that inspires the public understanding of science. I have visited this last November 30. Please watch out for my upcoming blog post about The Mind Museum, Cafe Scientifique and Da Vinci - The Genius Exhibition. If you're a fan of the Science Centrum, you'll really love this one!! For schedules and ticket prices, please visit:

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Have you experienced long lines for the cab? How about snobby taxi drivers who'd like to choose their passengers? What about taxi drivers who'd like to charge extra? Worry no more! GrabTaxi is a commuter's saviour! Just have your taxi booked with this app and voila! Instant taxi ride! Really safe too! Mizi, Marilou and I got to try this after the Blogapalooza event and it was really convenient! We all could feel the jealousy of other passengers at the side who didn't book for their taxi. Lol. This is a must, especially for the holidays. Learn more about them at:
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 photo 119_0276_zpse6d11275.jpg
Want your weekly dose of alcohol but hate going to clubs and bars? Introverts like me will surely love You get to try out great deals on international wines and spirits with freebies and free shipping! This website only sells authentic and genuine alcoholic beverages so no need to worry about getting a bad bottle. Rewarded by drinking? No problem with Register now at

BYS Cosmetics
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For those who aren't familiar with BYS Cosmetics, it is a cosmetic brand that is one of the fastest growing brands of cosmetics within both Australia and globally. With more than 1000 products within the range and it is growing by the day and it's basically impossible not to find a unique product for you! I was surprised they also gave away bottles of nail polish during the event. They are not only focusing on putting colors on our faces but they also do nails as well! See more of their products at

View Park Hotel
 photo 119_0143_zpseceab81d.jpg

View Park Hotel is one of the most affordable yet elegant hotels in Tagaytay. Ranked as one of the highly recommended hotels in TripAdvisor, it's a great choice for business and leisure travelers who seek comfortable, affordable rates, good food and accessibility to the city's famous tourist spots such as Picnic Grove, Tagaytay Highlands and People's Park. All rooms and function areas provide space, amenities and equipment needed for both personal and business stays. Get to know more at

 BrownBag Coffee Solutions
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BrownBag Coffee Solutions is a
diverse group of individuals bonded together by our common love of coffee.
They believe that coffee is more than simply a drink. They measure success by the range of customized solutions that allow our coffees to be enjoyed in fresh and creative ways. Check them out at

Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass
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During the event, we got to try out their live blood analysis to check the current condition of our blood if it's healthy. I got to find out that I have Rouleaux where my red blood cells looks stacked and resembles a pile of coins due to taking too much acidic foods such as coffee, soda and sugary foods.

Want a drink that can cleanse, alkalize and nourish you? Get all the goodness your body needs in one deliciously refreshing drink thanks to Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass. It is easy to prepare, just dissolve one sachet in a glass of water and you're good to go! They also have ones in a can for people who don't have much time. And unlike any other wheatgrass drinks, Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass even includes the roots in the mixture so you're getting the most out of it. It's easy to get healthy, just visit

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"ZipMatch offers information on real estate trends, investment advice, and personalized service by a network of top industry professionals, all with the easy convenience of online shopping—everything you want and need, and nothing you can’t understand, all at the click of a button.
We aid you through the homehunting process from start to finish: meticulous, client-specific guidance from the initial search (whether through our comprehensive online database or via a phone-in or email inquiry) to follow-up consultations and meetings down to all final decisions are facilitated with the help of our in-house real estate experts" Visit their site at

Chef's Noodle Restaurant
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If you're into Korean Cuisine, you might want to check Chef's Noodle Restaurant at SM North Edsa. They have afforable Kimbap, Kimchi, Bibimbap and even Soju! They even have the Donglyo meals which is good for sharing with your friends. Check them out at

Congo Grille and Tempura Japanese Grill

 photo PicMonkeyCollage17_zps32b085b8.jpg
These guys served us a really satisfying buffet. The maki, lechon and pasta was the best. I'm pretty sure some people would go back for another round. Personally, I'd like to try one of their creations which is the Unagi Crazy. For more information, their websites are and

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The Figaro Coffee Company was by a group of seven friends in 1993 due to their passion of sharing the fine art of European coffee culture with as many people as possible. Other than their coffee, their Evergreen Chocolate Brownie Decadence and Snowfall Chewy Butterscotch is very addicting. One bite is never enough! Check out their yuletide sweets at

 Chooks to Go
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 We usually have this delivered at home when we don't have the time to cook. Backed by Bounty Fresh, it is undeniable that these chicken are delicious. Also, these guys had this fun interactive game where we had chicken avatars and they made us do weird poses and try to beat up our opponent. It was fun. We had mugshots at the end of the game. For more information on their chicken deliveries, their website is

 Plato Wraps
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Plato Wraps is a budget meal wrapped in round flat bread and grilled hot to serve. It comes in choices of all time favorite fillings as chunky chicken, ham and cheese, yummy tuna, wrap n’ roll, pizza and the very veggie for the health buff. I got to try out the chunky chicken and yummy tuna during the event. Like them on Facebook at:

Gavino's Japanese Donuts
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I love these donuts! Hands down, Gavino's makes the best gooey, chewy, mochi-like donuts in town! These  Japanese mochi donuts are reasonably priced at an estimate of P29~P39 for Mochi Rings, P15~P25 for Mochi Balls and P29~P39 for Old Fashioned Donuts depending on the flavor. Marilou and I bought some after the event at Trinoma and it was really delightful! No kidding! If you wanna see more pictures of their donut flavors, visit this link:

Lazer Xtreme
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Ever wondered why Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother loves Lazer Tag? Find out by try Lazer Xtreme! It's like paintball without the mess and violence. Perfect for barkada and family bondings! Luckily, they were giving out GCs for one game during the event. So looks like I'm gonna go check this place out sometime soon. So excited! Go check them out at

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The holidays are coming up and I'm sure we all would want our hot body soon after. Want to lose weight safely? Slenda helps aid weight-loss with Resveratrol, EGCG, Banaba and Turmeric. By just taking 1 capsule per meal, you're sure to have that rocking body even after those buffets. For more information on Slenda, visit their site at

Richprime Global Inc.
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Nowadays, I worry that my younger siblings won't have a fun childhood due to too much time spent on Facebook. I remembered my childhood, it was something worth treasuring. Remember playing with your toys? Are you familiar with the brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Chicco, Mega Bloks and Vtech? It's most likely because of Richprime Global Inc. who aims to bring quality toys here in the Philippines. Richprime is prepared to provide innovative products that will give them the happy childhood they deserve. I got Mega Bloks and Moon Dough from their booth! I bet my sister will like this!

Nice Day Coffee
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My day isn't complete without a nice cup of coffee. Glad to hear that Nice Day Coffee is great for caffeine junkies like me. You not only get your fix of energy but you also get several benefits from your coffee. For example, they have this Cleanse variant which is a 10 in 1 coffee mix that includes Ganoderma, Grape Seed, Cranberry, Sylimarin, Spirulina, Goji Berry and Coco Sugar along with your regular cup of coffee. Some of said above are great anti-oxidants which fight age-related diseases. Plus, it tastes great and there is no unpleasant after taste. Isn't it nice to drink something yummy and healthy at the same time?  To know more about its retail outlets, check them out at:

NY Theraspine
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New York Theraspine is not your regular health center. From the name itself, they've bought the newest and advanced equipments and techniques from New York to give the best treatment that is suited for everyone. I  personally tried out their Gyminator for a minute and it was really fun! For people with health care, you might want to try this out for free. I just visited this a few days ago and I'll be sharing my experience with this as well. If you want to inquire or schedule an appointment, they have the complete details on their Facebook page here:

Lulu Nails and Dry Bar
 photo PicMonkeyCollage14_zps0628d970.jpg

Love painting your digits but hate the mess? Lulu Nails and Dry Bar offers an intensive collection of nail and soft gel polishes for every girl's needs. Feeling a bit adventurous? They also offer nail art and other services as well. I got to try out their soft gel polish for the first time during the event. It was amazing how they managed to get my manicure perfectly under just a few minutes. Once they had the nails dried using a UV light, it will be rock hard and solid. No need to worry about your manicure anymore! For more information about their other services, do visit:

Enjoy Philippines
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Enjoy Philippines truly lives up to its name. You can't help but enjoy the perks of having your own membership card! As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, you get special deals, discounts and freebies for Manila, Davao, Cebu and Boracay. Plus, referring other people to sign up for membership will get you a P500 GC from their partner brands. During the event, I got a trial membership kit and a P500 GC from them and so far I have already used up 3 pages of my Enjoy booklet. I'll keep you guys posted on which deals I have already tried. For those who are interested in being an Enjoy member, please visit:

Megaworld Lifestyle
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They have an app where you could search for the latest happenings, movies inside their malls. Be there without actually being there and be on the know. We got to spin the wheel for instant prizes. Marilou got herself a very cute LINE doll, Mizi got a gift certificate and I got a DVD box set of Cirque du Soleil. Their mascot, Easter was the cutest. Now. if only I could bring that bear at home. Lol

 photo PicMonkeyCollage20_zpsbfc55f15.jpg
There were also lots of great speakers such as Karen Bordador, Mikey Bustos and Bogart the Explorer, Boys Night Out's ToniTony, SlickRock, Sam YG and many more got to talk on stage.
They gave valuable advice on how to be great social media influencers.

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Pretty girls giving out Red Bull for everyone!

 photo 119_0284_zpsfa419b92.jpg
Flash Mob performance by Project Awesome Philippines.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage9_zps7d352fc8.jpg
Congratulations on raising P82,000 thru the #PiggyBankMovement! Donations will go to the victims of Yolanda. Great to see everyone's working together to help the people in need!
Again, thank you When In Manila and Our Awesome Planet for the awesome freebies and inviting me to the very successful Blogapalooza 2013. #Blogapalooza2013 was trending on Twitter! I'm really proud to be a part of it!


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