Saturday, April 21, 2012

MEG's TMTTB Tote Design Contest!

I don't know what's up with the month of April, but I definitely sense that my luck is really turning around! 
I just found out about it through browsing who won the Etude Playhouse Contest through MEG Facebook page (unfortunately, my fellow multiply seller Krischia didn't win). 

Backreading through older posts have I found out that 
they've finally announced who won MEG's TMTTB Tote Design Contest. 
I saw my last name (my heart skipped a beat) and I was correct! I did won! My design! It's there!!! :3

I must admit, the other contestants' designs were totally awesome as well and very very creative. 
And the best part? Seeing my design/name at the first ever MEG Summer Party in Boracay!
Thanks again MEG for the wonderful opportunity! ^___^

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