Thursday, November 24, 2011


So there was this sale in Trinoma. I forgot the name of the promo but it was only for 3 days I think. Anyway, my mom and I was disappointed that it was the last day and people were going crazy! The mall was really filled with people and the saleslady there can't entertain you, as I said. PEOPLE. LOTS OF THEM. Anyway, I got these studded oxford shoes in Australian because I find them really really purteyyy! It was a good deal because it was originally at P800+ and we got it for P400+ (I think). Not bad right?


The catch?
Well. For someone who has a wide set of feet like me, this might not be your cup of tea.
It just emphasizes the hell out of your already wide feet. It wouldn't do much help at all. Not that I blame the design because it's really flawless, rather I blame my genes. Tssss. Kidding.

So I had it exchanged for another shoe. A flattering pair to say the least. So I went there with my guy friend and asked him which one should I get. No surprise, he's a dude. Anyway, after a few hours that "everything looks good on you, could we hurry this up?" talk we've finally decided to get this one...


I know... Nothing special, but wearable. So yeah. Whatever.

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